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Hello Lord!

Daily thoughts from Lynn


November 9

By Lynn Knapp | Nov 9, 2011

Good Morning Lord,….. I’m so glad you never get stressed, but I am and need your calm in my spirit.

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November 7

By Lynn Knapp | Nov 7, 2011

Good Morning Lord,………..I want to be right with you everyday. How are you with God, are you right with Him?…………………..!

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November 6

By Lynn Knapp | Nov 6, 2011

Good Morning Lord, I heard a quote from one of my favorite people. “It’s better to let God mix the ingredients of your life than to mix them yourself.” Thank you for giving J.W. Hayford the inspiration.

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November 5

By Lynn Knapp | Nov 5, 2011

Good Morning Lord, It is so nice to see the sunshine before the storms, lets me know that no matter what storms comes in my life, you are always there.

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November 3

By Lynn Knapp | Nov 3, 2011

Good Morning Lord, the sky is overcast today and maybe a little snow which I really am not ready for, but when it comes help us to drive safely and use good judgement getting used to winter driving again. Thank you…………..

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November 2

By Lynn Knapp | Nov 2, 2011

Good Morning Lord, I’m glad I have till noon to say good morning to you. Please help me with the small annoyances so that they don’t come big ones. Thank you.

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November 1

By Lynn Knapp | Nov 1, 2011

Good Morning Lord,…… where does my help come from? It comes from you.

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October 31

By Lynn Knapp | Oct 31, 2011

Good Morning Lord, I wonder what the adventure is for today…………………

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October 30

By Lynn Knapp | Oct 30, 2011

Lord, Good morning….. It is still dark outside and I can’t see what is ahead, but I know you will bring together all the little things, that will be woven together, like a fractal, to make something beautiful. The wind to blow the leaves off the trees so they can rest and get ready for…

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