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Honoring God with your Finances

By Lynn Knapp | Nov 12, 2020

When you devote your heart to someone by making a public declaration and saying, “ I do” at the altar on your wedding day, you are saying yes to all that they are and all that they bring into the marriage, including the positives and negatives of their finances. Money can be a sticky, messy…

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Communication Tips for Married Couples

By Lynn Knapp | Oct 10, 2020

Communication gives a person the opportunity to know and be known. It is the foundation of all relationships, whether you’re communicating with a friend or with your spouse. Communication gives two people a chance to connect, build, trust, be vulnerable, and to learn from one another. A good conversation brings people together, but bad communication…

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How to Diffuse Arguments With Your Spouse

By Lynn Knapp | Sep 6, 2020

One of the best things, and sometimes the worse thing, about people is that we are all created uniquely different with our own thoughts, opinions, corks, personality, gifting’s etc. In fact it’s often those differences that bring two people together. You know the saying “opposites attract,” it so often rings true when two people come…

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Family Devotionals With Teens

By Lynn Knapp | Aug 30, 2020

As often as your teen hangs out with friends or is behind a screen scrolling through social media, you, as their parent, hold the trump card. As much input as your teen takes in on a daily basis, your voice carries the most weight. You ARE the greatest influence in your teenager’s life. Phew! However,…

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Top Areas of Conflict in a Marriage

By Lynn Knapp | Jul 13, 2020

Marriage is a beautiful gift from God. It is wonderful and comforting having someone by your side as you journey through life. However when two people who are broken with a different background and quirkiness come together, some conflict is bound to happen. Even though few couples like to admit any sort of disagreements they…

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Best Bed and Breakfasts in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

By Lynn Knapp | May 28, 2020

Are you in need of a relaxing escape, especially one that comes with a deluxe breakfast made to order? A Bed and Breakfast or B&B could be the perfect lodging choice for you to get away if you prefer to stay in places that offer a more personalized experience. B&Bs differ from hotels in a…

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Blended Family Tips

By Lynn Knapp | May 28, 2020

Maybe your first relationship ended in heartache or divorce, or maybe a tragedy or illness took your first love leaving you alone with your children. No matter the circumstance your heart opened up once again to fully love someone else and the two of you decide to get married. However this time the holy union…

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Staycation Ideas in Coeur d’Alene and the Surrounding Areas

By Lynn Knapp | Mar 5, 2020

You know the phrase, “I need a vacation from my vacation?” Well, depending on the kind of vacation you choose, that is entirely possible. As much as we want our vacation to be relaxing and refreshing, all too often it’s jam-packed with a variety of time-consuming preparations, multiple modes of transportation, as well as navigating…

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Couples Devotionals

By Lynn Knapp | Feb 19, 2020

Marriage consists of two very broken people coming together to do life. In other words, it’s hard work! It is challenging to juggle work, house responsibilities, children and anything else that comes your way as well as keeping the fire alive within your marriage. In order for a marriage to remain fresh and connected it…

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