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How To Bond With Your Stepchildren

It is a beautiful thing when two people commit to one another through marriage; and for some, they don’t just take on the new title husband or wife but also step-mom or step-dad. What a joy it can be to become a stepparent, although it usually isn’t without its challenges. As the child(ren)’s perspective may…

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A 1 Corinthians 13 Kind of Love

Love according to the dictionary is defined as an intense feeling of deep affection and/or a great interest and pleasure in something. Therefore with this definition the word “ love” becomes interchangeable from “I love coffee, chocolate, and Taco Bell” to “I love Jesus, my spouse, and my children.” This word seems to fit better…

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Honoring God in Your Marriage During COVID

Covid-19 has completely flipped the script as it has broken many of our normal routines. From disruption at some work places by going to work daily to now working from home, schools transitioning from in-person to online, to mandates that require as little interactions with others as possible. These changes have changed the rhythm of…

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Honoring God with your Finances

When you devote your heart to someone by making a public declaration and saying, “ I do” at the altar on your wedding day, you are saying yes to all that they are and all that they bring into the marriage, including the positives and negatives of their finances. Money can be a sticky, messy…

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November 5

Good Morning Lord, It is so nice to see the sunshine before the storms, lets me know that no matter what storms comes in my life, you are always there.

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November 3

Good Morning Lord, the sky is overcast today and maybe a little snow which I really am not ready for, but when it comes help us to drive safely and use good judgement getting used to winter driving again. Thank you…………..

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