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Honoring God in Your Marriage During COVID

Covid-19 has completely flipped the script as it has broken many of our normal routines. From disruption at some work places by going to work daily to now working from home, schools transitioning from in-person to online, to mandates that require as little interactions with others as possible. These changes have changed the rhythm of…

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Communication Tips for Married Couples

Communication gives a person the opportunity to know and be known. It is the foundation of all relationships, whether you’re communicating with a friend or with your spouse. Communication gives two people a chance to connect, build, trust, be vulnerable, and to learn from one another. A good conversation brings people together, but bad communication…

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How to Diffuse Arguments With Your Spouse

One of the best things, and sometimes the worse thing, about people is that we are all created uniquely different with our own thoughts, opinions, corks, personality, gifting’s etc. In fact it’s often those differences that bring two people together. You know the saying “opposites attract,” it so often rings true when two people come…

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Couples Devotionals

Marriage consists of two very broken people coming together to do life. In other words, it’s hard work! It is challenging to juggle work, house responsibilities, children and anything else that comes your way as well as keeping the fire alive within your marriage. In order for a marriage to remain fresh and connected it…

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November 19

Good Morning Lord, Upon reading your word, I see that in your lineage up to your birth there is mentioned a women who was involved with a scandal, a harlot of Jericho, someone not an Israelite, a woman involved in adultry. Thank you for your grace that forgives the worst of us and includes others…

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October 26

Good Morning Lord,…………..forgiveness, Thanks! Check it out, it is way cool………………………………………

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