Honoring The Father-Daughter Relationship

There is something special that happens when a father holds his baby girl for the first time. It’s like he turns into a pile of mush as she reaches out to grab his finger while transforming into a mighty warrior who will do anything to protect his fragile princess. Whether this baby has her father wrapped around her finger or not, his involvement in her life will help mold and shape her into the woman she will become. The connection between father and daughter plays a pivotal role in how she will grow and develop. Every little girl needs her daddy! He brings security and comfort to her world. While other men may come and go as she gets older; one man will always remain: her father. 

Becoming a father is a wonderful gift from God, it’s a responsibility that was given by Him; therefore, you are chosen for your daughter. Even though your daughter has a heavenly father that adores her, her earthly father has the opportunity to reflect Him, giving her glimpses of what God’s love tangibly can look like. Fathers are one of God’s instruments to lead, shape, and guide His daughters to become all He’s called them to be. However, not everyone has two parents, let alone a good earthly father. Where an earthly father falls short, God makes up for it abundantly more. Jesus shares the goodness of God the father through these words: “ You fathers if your children ask for a fish, do you give them a snake instead? Or if they ask for an egg, do you give them a scorpion? Of course not! So if you sinful people know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask him” (Luke 11:11-13). 

Fathers are a blessing to their daughters, but when they make mistakes God the Father fills in every gap and everything in between. This doesn’t diminish the need for a daddy’s love that every girl needs. God designed the role of a father to play a special part in his daughters’ lives. Being the alpha male in her life carries a lot of weight and impact that will help guide her woman’s heart. Here are some reasons why this relationship is so important. 

Fathers help strengthen their daughters’ confidence and self-esteem

When a father validates his daughter through love, support, and praise he, without even realizing it, is strengthening her confidence and self-esteem. This happens when a father is: present and available to his daughter, is encouraging, and is quick to be an attentive ear. When a father simply loves his daughter well he is offering her security and a sense of feeling protected. This bond between a father and daughter allows her to feel a sense of belonging, which sets her up to become a woman with a positive self-image, better self-esteem, and strong confidence in who she is. This can lead her to be more ambitious, and disciplined to reach her goals, and be successful. The best part is the dad; all you have to do is simply be an influence in her life, no need for grand gestures, just major in the listening department. 

Fathers influence their daughter’s relationships

Fathers are one of the greatest role models in a girl’s life. He is the primary example of how a man should treat a woman. He sets the standard. Women tend to judge men through the lens of what their fathers did, therefore if she was honored and respected by her father she will expect the same from a romantic relationship with a man.  A good father will build in his daughter a foundation of self-respect resulting in a woman who seeks healthy relationships rather than becoming sexually active only to fill a longing she didn’t receive from her daddy. The relationship a girl will notice and experience first is the one between her father and mother. So fathers, love your wife well first and demonstrate to your daughter how a woman deserves to be treated with love and respect. It is through the way you display physical affection and true partnership that she will seek to mirror the same for herself.

Fathers empower their daughters to be challenged

A father who speaks encouragement to his daughter can become the greatest motivating voice in her life. When there is a foundation of trust he can empower her to go above and beyond what she thought she could do. This could include trying out for a new sport, enjoying different food, learning how to do car repairs, or performing in front of an audience. Daughters tend to get their courage and adventurous mentality from their fathers. When a father walks alongside his daughter he empowers her to solve problems, take risks, and stand up for herself. A daughter needs to feel supported by her father so that she will be better equipped to withstand any obstacles she may encounter. 

The relationship between a father and daughter can become an unbreakable bond when it is nurtured in a positive way. Dads! You have to show up! Be an active participant in your daughter’s life. It will be worth it!