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The Importance Of Vacation As A Married Couple

Heavy workload. Demanding boss. Children. Sporting events. Bible studies. House Chores. It is so easy for life to get inundated with so many things. Even though all the things that fill the calendar aren’t inherently bad, too much of a good thing can become detrimental, leading to stress and unwanted pressure. Often times the stress of our life takes precedence, taking the focus off what truly matters; your marriage. In the midst of feeling overwhelmed you may even throw out the phrase, “I need a vacation,” and yet the idea of dropping everything to rest and rejuvenate feels so unreachable. Society has, in some ways, brainwashed people to believe that juggling responsibilities and neglecting yourself is an acceptable way of living. However, this way of thinking will leave a person feeling drained and depleted. That is why the opposite is true; taking on fewer responsibilities and making you a priority can lead to revitalization. This is also true in a marriage. Spending quality time alone with your spouse, away from your children, those you may care for, and work responsibilities will rejuvenate your marriage relationship and can ultimately make you a happier person. Going away together on vacation should not be continuously pushed aside, but should be made a priority. Here are some reasons why it is so important:

Get to refocus on one another…

So much hustle and bustle in your daily life can cause you to become distracted from your spouse. Vacation gives you the chance to refocus, rediscover, and reignite the love you have for one another. It’s an opportunity for barriers to be stripped away and to re-center you on the foundation of what brought you two together. A break from regular routines can open your eyes and your heart to your spouse. It allows you to see, once again, how many wonderful qualities they possess. It offers a chance to be vulnerable and open with your emotions, thoughts, dreams, and fears. A vacation with only your spouse puts them back in focus, especially when you’re in a new place, away from the mundane. It gives quality time to enjoy each other’s company without any outside pressure or demands. It’s a chance to reconnect and explore something new and fresh together.

Find a deeper connection…

When you feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders the last thing you probably want is to be touched by your spouse. A vacation away can reignite your sex life and create excitement for each other. It is a prime opportunity to be intimate at any time of the day without worrying about whether or not a kid is going to walk in. A new environment can increase an emotional connection resulting in sparks that ignite a deeper passion for one another. It’s a chance to be close in every way possible: physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and sexually. Deepening the bond between the two of you can release stress and revitalize you to take on the next season of life together.

Benefits health and alleviates stress…

When you have a normal routine that you do day-in and day-out it can become something you do on autopilot making it difficult to fully live in the moment and be present. However, on vacation, it takes away the familiarity, which creates more of an opportunity to be present and mindful. Being mindful alone has great health benefits from reducing stress, increasing compassion, resilience and happiness. It allows you to fully appreciate what you have and the life you get to live with your spouse. 

People who work too hard and believe they don’t have time to take a vacation are truly missing out. More stress leads to more health problems from high blood pressure to strain on the heart. Therefore a vacation, which reduces stress, can have a positive impact on your quality of life and marriage. So quit making excuses and start planning your next marriage get-away. 

Strengthens family unit…

It is wonderful making memories with the entire family and going on vacation. However, something special happens for your children when only mom and dad go on vacation together. It solidifies the bond of your marriage to your children. It brings them a sense of ease knowing their parents are choosing to invest time, energy, and money into their relationship. With divorce so prevalent in our culture, a vacation away alone as a couple sends the message to your children that marriage is important. Your children need to see that your spouse is a top priority. 

Stop placing “vacation time” on the back burner. Don’t allow yourself to think of it as a waste of time and money but rather as a vital investment into your marriage and ultimately your family. So do it! Designate a location! Pack your bags! Get away! And let sparks fly! 

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