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Archive for July 2018

November 15

Good Morning Lord, Laughter, what a wonderful thing you gave us, not only for enjoyment but for reducing stress and like you said “A merry heart does good like a medicine.”

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November 17

Good Morning Lord, I love the sunshine that has greeted me today, even if it snows or rains later, you have given a glimpse of beauty to reach down into the depth of my soul.

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November 18

Good Morning Lord, Wow, a winter wonderland look outside. Help us all to be careful in our driving and walking.

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November 19

Good Morning Lord, Upon reading your word, I see that in your lineage up to your birth there is mentioned a women who was involved with a scandal, a harlot of Jericho, someone not an Israelite, a woman involved in adultry. Thank you for your grace that forgives the worst of us and includes others…

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November 21

Good Morning Lord, another day to give you thanks, not just the upcoming day we celebrate Thanksgiving.

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June 7

Good Evening Lord!. Today while working out in the yard I came across a pretty little yellow pansy just sitting there in a sea of green grass. Sometimes those things can be weeds because they grow so fast and abundantly. But today it was a pretty little light shining brightly on it’s own.¬†How are you…

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