May 31

Good evening Lord. While sitting in a corner cafe, I was watching the people go by. There were people of every race and color. Groups of young and groups of just gals, groups of people who probably didn’t even know each other, they just were in the same proximity of each other.. Each had stuff on their minds as you could tell by their expressions. Scurrying here and there and some just taking their time stopping into the local shops or window shopping.

With so many people, it makes me wonder how God could keep track of each and everyone of us here and the rest of the world.

But we are told that even all the hairs on our heads are numbered. Even when we lose them He keeps track. He cares for every sparrow that falls and He cares for us even in spite of ourselves.
Now that is a God that is worth knowing. In spite of all the crummy things I’ve ever done and will do, He loves me.

Thank you Lord and I’m glad I’m your friend.